New Year Goals: No big knickers!!

What are your New Year Resolutions? Do you believe in them? I am not sure if I do really. I think we set ourselves up to fail by listing all these things we want to achieve without really thinking about them realistically. When asked about mine, I would always list off the same old things…lose weight, eat healthily, go to the gym, save money. Well by week two I was feeling guilty because I had made the gym once, eaten my body weight in carbs and spent all my money in the sales! These days I write myself goals instead, usually 90 days at a time. This makes it easier to plan out my year personally and professionally.

Furthermore, my method means you are reviewing the goals throughout the year and resetting for the next 90 days, hopefully keeping you focussed on what you want to achieve.  I have them written out on a white board so I can see them every day whether they are business related or personal. A personal goal may be to get back to your pre-baby weight so stick a picture of yourself looking great on the fridge so every time you go to open it you remember your goal! My dad used to have a great magnet on our fridge – Fridge pickers wear bigger knickers!! I’ll always remember this and smile. A business goal might be to have a sign written vehicle, so get a mock up image and put it up in your office so you can visualise yourself driving around in it.

My 2017 was a busy one! A new baby, a school starter, starting up my own business, further home improvements, a family wedding abroad and these are just the big events. Life has a habit of taking over and we get swept up in the day to day, so taking a step back to reflect on all you have achieved is important. I sat down and looked over my 2017 goals. I achieved many of them but not all so I have added those that are still relevant to those that are now important to me for the next 90 days and beyond. 2018 looks exciting!

I am getting in touch with all my clients to discuss their goals for 2018 and review how my services can assist them in achieving them.

Lots of people will be considering work life balance and perhaps thinking ‘I must spend more time at home this year’ or ‘I need to take more time for myself.’ If this is the case for you I would love to have a chat to discover what I can do to allow you to achieve your goals this coming year.

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