Spring Clean

Is it time to give your business a spring clean?

So the snow has melted away and the sun is shining here in Bournemouth and it is positively spring like – hooray!!  It has got me to thinking about spring cleaning but not my home, my fridge or even my wardrobe (which is in desperate need) but businesses. More specifically your businesses…

It is coming up to the financial year-end for many and this quite often results in pile of invoices and statements, receipts flying around, client files collecting dust in the corner, lists of meetings that need to be arranged and diarised for the year ahead and this is on top of all the usual day to day.

This is where I can come in, you would be surprised how much can be done virtually these days.

If you would prefer a more traditional PA that is by your side and available to provide your caffeine fix, then read no further! However, if you can manage the coffee machine on your own then let me help you get down to business and clear the clutter…

  • Email me that list of those meeting that need arranging
  • Allow me to go through your deleted items to clear what is no longer needed and go through all the sub files to remove any duplication
  • Let me scan in and catalogue all those client files collecting dust
  • Offload all those invoices to me to enter onto your accounting software
  • Meeting notes or audio files stacking up? Send them over, minute typing is one of my favourites

Although I do bang on about being virtual I do have local clients that I am happy to assist in the office should the need arise. For example, I am happy to attend and minute meetings and complete physical filing tasks if required.

So handover all these tasks to free yourself up to grow your business or to get out in this sunshine.

Sound good? Give me a call and let’s have a chat about how I can help you with that.

Carly Rose Virtual PA Services
Let me help you with that!


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