Your Christmas VA!!

A VA for Christmas!

Don’t worry I haven’t gone mad; I know it’s only October!
BUT there are only 5 weeks until Christmas!

As much as I would love to sit and watch the Christmas 24/7 channel it would be much better to put my time to good use so…

This is a good time of year to explain that a Virtual Assistant, much like a personal assistant, can be available to assist with more than just business related tasks. 

In the lead up to Christmas it might not be work pressures that are stressing you out.

Instead you may be planning Christmas parties and need someone to coordinate. You may have a huge gift list you need to get through, reservations that need to be made and travel arrangements to organise. These can all be time consuming tasks whilst trying to run your business.  It is ok to hand these over and let your VA handle them on your behalf. You can then show up to Christmas relaxed, feeling accomplished and knowing everything is sorted.

If there is anything you would like to offload from your business or more lifestyle related tasks please get in touch and let me be your Christmas helper!

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