Are You Ready For a VA?

You have been working on your business for a little while, things are going well but time is getting tight. You want to grow but you can’t do any more by yourself.  You think you need some help but are you ready to let go of some aspects of your precious business?

There are lots of VA’s, OBM’s and SMM’s out there.

What kind of support do you need so that you have more time to grow and build your business?

I have put together a handy list of things to consider before hiring…

>> Know what you want

Be clear on what you want your VA to do for you.

As a VA I like to be able to offer some advice on the type of tasks clients might like to consider outsourcing but it is helpful if you have an idea of what you expect your VA to be doing.

Without clear expectations, you could end up wasting time and money.

>> Have your processes in order

Get your processes in order FIRST.

This will save you time when on-boarding or training and will set your VA up to succeed.

You don’t want to end up being the bottleneck in your business if your VA has to keep contacting you to find out how you want something done.

A good VA should be able to refine your processes as time goes on.

>> Expectations and Boundaries

Look at the tasks you have decided to delegate. Work out whether you want a VA to be available daily, weekly, monthly or on an adhoc basis. These expectations will help you hire the right person for you and your business.

Boundaries are super important. If you set these at the beginning, there will be no disappointments. Make sure you are clear when you are available for your VA and vice-versa. How do you want to communicate – email, phone, basecamp or similar.

>> Recommendations

Like with most things in life getting a recommendation is the best way to hire.

Ask your business buddies if they use a VA or know of any with a good reputation. Ask for recommendations within a Facebook group that you are a member of or any other platforms you prefer. It may take some time to find the right person for you but putting the effort in at the beginning will be well worth it.

Most VA’s will offer a free physical or virtual meeting to discuss requirements and talk about offer and suitability.

>> Try before you buy!

This may not always be possible but if you can get to know a VA a little you will quickly establish if you are on the same page and whether a working relationship will grow. A VA is likely one of the first people you allow into your business, your first team member! This is a big deal.

I took part in an online course and ended up working with the course creator and one of the other participants. This is great for both parties – they got to know me and how I work and I got to learn about their businesses and if we were a good fit for working together all before any money changed hands or contracts signed.

>> Start Small

Delegate one task at a time (and whole tasks are better than little bits). This way if you and your VA are not the best match you haven’t wasted lots of time training.

You can gradually build your VA’s task list.

>> Sign on the line

Contracts are there to protect both parties. Don’t put this off, they can always be amended or adapted as the business relationship develops.

Hiring a VA should feel like a huge weight has been lifted. You have someone on board who will love and care for your business, take on those tasks that stop you doing what you love (a better work-life balance or the opportunity to grow), they will become your business cheerleader and a source of support.

For more help deciding what to outsource download my handy PDF to help you get more time back in your business and do more of the things you love!

Happy Hiring!

Carly xx

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