You know WHAT to outsource but now for the HOW!

So you have used my “How to get more time back in your business and do more of the things you love” template to figure out your zone of genius and what tasks you need to keep and therefore which tasks to remove from your to-do list…


Now what?

These may be some of the thoughts and feelings that arise when you begin considering expanding your business and outsourcing tasks.

I’m ready to outsource but what if I waste lots of time and money training up the wrong person?

I know what I want to delegate but I don’t know how to do this smoothly.

I have never managed a team before; this feels scary.

Don’t worry!

Outsourcing CAN go really smoothly and I will explain how so that you can get back to what lights you up and makes you the most money in your business.

Follow my tips and advice for what to put in place to ensure you and your chosen VA can get off to a winning start.

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