5 Things to Outsource to a VA

5 Things to Outsource to a VA

 What can you cross off your to do list and handover to your very own dedicated Virtual PA? These are just a few examples:

  1. Social Media Management – this can be a time consuming task or one that some people are uncomfortable handling.
  2. Email and Diary Management – let a VA deal with all the spam, respond to and deal with enquiries or prioritise what needs dealing with on your behalf
  3. Data Entry – this can be a boring, time-consuming task that is easily outsourced.
  4. Website Updates – keeping websites up to date can be completed from anywhere and therefore doesn’t have to be done by you. Cross it off your To-Do list!
  5. Meeting and Travel Arrangements – let a VA arrange all of your travel and accommodation needs, thus saving you time to actually work on your meeting content.

If you would like to offload any of the tasks above to free up time to do what you do best in your business, get in touch – it would be my pleasure to take these on for you.

Carly Rose Virtual PA Services

Who can use a VA?

The short answer is anyone.

Anyone looking to reclaim valuable time can use a VA. Why not outsource those annoying admin tasks to free yourself up for more important or fun things?

Business owners that are not yet in a position to employ full time staff will benefit from a VA – you can simply pay as you go!

Hiring a VA can be a very attractive option and here are just a few reasons why:

–          There are no expensive job adverts to post or lengthy interview processes to complete

–          I don’t require holiday pay or sick pay

–          You don’t have to contribute to my pension

–          I don’t require office space or equipment

–          You don’t need to supply me with tea or coffee (I will fund my own caffeine habit!)

On a serious note, small business owners and entrepreneurs benefit most from VAs. This is because typically they are unlikely to want to hire full time staff, or their businesses may be rapidly expanding, meaning deadlines or time restraints become unmanageable. Business owners may also require support in areas they are less comfortable dealing with such as social media management or website updates.

If you are looking for some support running your business, check out my website for services offered. I would love to join your team.