Your Christmas VA!!

A VA for Christmas!

Don’t worry I haven’t gone mad; I know it’s only October!
BUT there are only 5 weeks until Christmas!

As much as I would love to sit and watch the Christmas 24/7 channel it would be much better to put my time to good use so…

This is a good time of year to explain that a Virtual Assistant, much like a personal assistant, can be available to assist with more than just business related tasks. 

In the lead up to Christmas it might not be work pressures that are stressing you out.

Instead you may be planning Christmas parties and need someone to coordinate. You may have a huge gift list you need to get through, reservations that need to be made and travel arrangements to organise. These can all be time consuming tasks whilst trying to run your business.  It is ok to hand these over and let your VA handle them on your behalf. You can then show up to Christmas relaxed, feeling accomplished and knowing everything is sorted.

If there is anything you would like to offload from your business or more lifestyle related tasks please get in touch and let me be your Christmas helper!

Virtual Assistant…How does that work?

I have been asked many times as a virtual assistant… ‘how does it work?’

The short answer is…easily!

Rightly or wrongly we are all virtual these days; emailing, texting, messaging and phoning. We often communicate in many different ways before actually meeting someone.

I have a couple of local clients which enables face to face opportunities to discuss work and attend offices if needed. For those that are truly virtual we have a number of different working strategies and platforms in place.

Each client works differently and as a business support service I pride myself on being adaptable to the preference of the client and to work in a way that best suits their needs.

Email is a regular and reliable way for VAs to communicate with clients, where work can be sent back and forth. Some clients like to provide me with an email account that I log in to. This allows me to email on the company’s behalf using an email address associated with that client or company.

However, it is much more fun to use task management software such as Asana and Trello to share work load!

One of my clients drops all her content into Trello, this is my favourite task management tool. A ‘card’ is created for each task which can include documents and images. A checklist can then be added so all team members can see task progress. As a VA I can login anytime to complete the cards assigned to me. In this client’s case I use the content to create and schedule social media posts, upload blogs to a website and schedule weekly email distributions using another scheduling tool: Convertkit.

Asana is very similar to Trello and both allow you to comment on tasks or cards in order to keep each other up to date.

Canva is a great application that I use for many clients to create social media posts. Clients can add a VA to their Canva account and share templates in order to keep on brand.

Other applications I use with clients are Mailchimp, 17 Hats, Planoly and Active Campaign to name a few. There are so many out there that offer to help businesses with task lists, managing workload and team platforms. These can be brilliant but I do advise clients to take a step back every now and then to check they are not wasting time duplicating or making more work for themselves by using them. There are often efficiencies to be found by focussing on completing the tasks rather than spending time organising them to look pretty.

Toggl is a great tool that I use to log my time spent on a particular task, project or client. Toggl allows me to provide the client with a report to accompany an invoice for my services. There are many applications out there that do a similar job and I have chosen this one as it best suits my current needs. The other great thing is that it’s totally FREE! Who doesn’t love free!

Are you ready to hire a VA?
I am looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

Carly Rose, VA