Client Love

Choose Carly for your virtual assistant because she is:

Conscientious and will ensure she has completed your tasks efficiently and in a timely manner
Competent in the skills needed to maintain and progress your business by using the appropriate technology
Confident in helping you to run your business so you are confident that allocated assignments will be completed
Caring for your business as she is a personal assistant who is virtual as well
Capable of assessing your needs and working with you to make those needs a reality
Certain to enhance your business in whichever field it is situated
Careful to listen to you and work with you to achieve your aims
Considerate in helping you to focus on your strengths and delegate your weaknesses

So Congratulations if you have chosen Carly as your virtual assistant!!

Jane Ashworth
Owner of Dormers Bed & Breakfast in Sandford

“Carly is without any shadow of a doubt one of the most complete administrative professionals with whom I have had the privilege to work. She was my PA in a very busy school environment – Queen Elizabeth’s School is a large school which, when she worked with me, was undergoing a very significant period of change, including a complete rebuild of the school under a Government programme. She is 100% committed to all she does, and brings a wisdom that is way beyond her years. Relentless in her desire to learn more and to self-improvement, she undertook the Diploma in School Business Management, achieving this with flying colours despite her relative lack of experience in the financial side of school management compared to her peers. Her secretarial skills are outstanding, but it is perhaps in her interpersonal skills, dealing with a very wide range of clients and stakeholders, that she excels. During her time working for me, she had to manage some extremely sensitive and challenging situations, but she rose to every challenge in exemplary fashion.

She remains calm in the face of any such challenge, and proved herself in every way to be utterly reliable and dependable. Her integrity and honesty are without question – the nature of her work in the school was such that she was party to extremely confidential and sensitive issues, but on no occasion did I ever have the slightest hesitation in sharing every such issue openly with her. She had the absolute respect of all those with whom she came into contact, including teachers, parents and students.

I have been a school Headteacher/Principal for approximately 20 years and can honestly say that Carly would rank in the very top few people with whom I have ever worked in any capacity. She is one of those rare colleagues whom I would actively seek to recruit into any organization in which I worked. Since I left the UK to work abroad four years ago, Carly has continued to provide personal PA services for me, managing our family’s affairs in the UK with supreme efficiency, commitment, discretion and assurance.”

Andy Puttock
British School of Beijing, China

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