Keeping the (business) spark alive!

Having your own business can be a little like a marriage.

It is important to keep things fresh and exciting.

I still love my business and the mother it allows me to be.

I still have a couple of clients I have had from the beginning, of course some new ones and things are ticking along very nicely.

I have to admit that every now and then I can become a little lazy at pushing forward.

Instead I get busy with family life and the day to day tasks that seem to take over.

Some wise words I was given when I first started my VA business were… ‘you are your business’.  It is important to take care of yourself and in turn your business will thrive.

Three areas I have been working on:

>> Keep on top of your game, update your knowledge and understanding in your field of work. There are often lots of online webinars, podcasts and courses as well as groups on social media to share skills, tips and advice. I love sharing tips and every now and then finding a knowledge gem that allows me to better serve my clients.

>> Do what you love, this doesn’t have to be work related. All work and no play is not always fun so make sure you make time for yourself. Reading, exercising, socialising, Netflix, shopping! Whatever it is that makes all the hard work worth it. All of the above work for me!

>> Pursue personal development opportunities, this is slightly different to training and keeping updated on current affairs within your business. This is something to allow you to grow or change as a person and in turn should have a positive impact on your business. For my personal development I have been working on my mindset…it is often the case that we are our own worst enemies and self-doubt is what can stand in the way of our success. Adapting my mindset has been nothing but positive for me, my family and of course my business.

If you are feeling all fired (or sparked) up the rest should follow…You are your business.